Unlock Telia Sweden iPhone 7/7+

Having trouble with your iPhone locked to Telia Sweden? Come to unlock it easily with us now! Supporting iPhone 12 Pro/Max/Mini, 11 (Pro/Max), XS (max), XR, X...

IMEI / Serial Number:

What is my IMEI number If your device doesn't have an IMEI number (eg iPad), please use Serial Number.

How to unlock your phone for any SIM card in 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Submit your IMEI

With our direct connection to all the manufacturer databases, we instantly detect your phone model and network using just your IMEI number.

No other unlock company can do this.

Step 2: We whitelist your IMEI

We mark your IMEI as unlocked in your manufacturer's database which is then synced with your network. This typically takes a few hours.

You can continue to use your phone as normal during this time.

Step 3: Unlock your phone

We'll then send you an email to inform you that phone is unlocked - some manufacturers such as Samsung will require you to enter a code whilst others such as Apple will unlock immediately over-the-air using your Wifi or mobile data connection.

With iPhoneIMEI.net, Telia Sweden iPhone unlock has never been easier thanks to our official and permanent unlock method. At iPhoneIMEI.net, we unlock your Telia Sweden iPhone by whistlisting your iPhone’s IMEI number from Apple database.

Unlocking this way is safe and 100% genuine.

There are plenty of unlocking services claiming that they can unlock your phone permanently, but what they do is suspicious, as they are probably hacking into your iPhone or Apple database. As a result, your iPhone will get re-locked in the future.

At iPhoneIMEI.net, we use the official unlocking method which is approved by Apple Inc. Besides, we offer 100% money back if we fail to deliver the unlock for your iPhone and we accept DalPay as the primary payment method because it is secure and trusted.

Don’t hesitate to place our order and we will get your iPhone unlocked

About Telia Sweden carrier

Telia Company AB is the dominant telephone company and mobile network operator in Sweden and Finland. The company has operations in other countries in Northern and Eastern Europe, and in Central Asia and South Asia, with a total of 182.1 million mobile customers (Q1, 2013). (Source: Wikipedia)

How to unlock Telia Sweden iPhone 11 (Pro/Max), XS, XR, X, 8, 7, 6S, 6 (plus), SE, 5S

Step one: Launch your phone app and dial  *#06# to get the IMEI number of your iPhone. Once you have got it, insert it when prompted. After that, select your model and hit the “Unlock Now” button.

Step two: You will be taken to the next page where you are asked to provide your billing information. Once you are done, make the payment via DalPay.

Step three: After your payment is confirmed, we will whitelist the IMEI number from the Apple activation servers and you will hear from us on your provided email address in 1-2 days.

Step four: You can follow our step-by-step guide to complete the unlock, or you simply connect your iPhone to a Wi-Fi network and insert an acceptable SIM card, your phone will work normally.

Customer Testimonials

Reviewed by Miroslaw Posadzy

Miroslaw Posadzy

very reliable

many thanks for your service
Reviewed by Héctor Quiles

Héctor Quiles

Exelent!!! Fast and work!

Fast, easy, Work!!!!
Reviewed by Ihab Al Twal

Ihab Al Twal

Exelent!!! Fast and work!

Exelent!!! Fast and work!

Fast, easy, Work!!!!
Reviewed by Sa Scha

Sa Scha


very reliable
many thanks for your service
Reviewed by Frik Schultz

Frik Schultz

As easy as taking a bite out of an apple!

Order confirmation 11h48, unlocked confirmation at 18h42.
Worked exactly as promised!
It took less than 2 minutes to unlock after connecting to iTunes. Two minutes! After months of trying various other options!
Reviewed by Kalim Ghous

Kalim Ghous

very good

Reviewed by Adrian Loftus

Adrian Loftus

fan diddily tastic

unlocked in 24hours and very cheap will defiantly use this site again.
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