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IMEI / Serial Number:

What is my IMEI number If your device doesn't have an IMEI number (eg iPad), please use Serial Number.

How to unlock your phone for any SIM card in 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Submit your IMEI

With our direct connection to all the manufacturer databases, we instantly detect your phone model and network using just your IMEI number.

No other unlock company can do this.

Step 2: We whitelist your IMEI

We mark your IMEI as unlocked in your manufacturer's database which is then synced with your network. This typically takes a few hours.

You can continue to use your phone as normal during this time.

Step 3: Unlock your phone

We'll then send you an email to inform you that phone is unlocked - some manufacturers such as Samsung will require you to enter a code whilst others such as Apple will unlock immediately over-the-air using your Wifi or mobile data connection.

If you purchase your iPhone within the past year or two from Orange Austria carrier, it is likely to be unlocked already. However, if your iPhone is older than that, it might be locked to the Orange network. That does not mean you are stuck with that carrier forever. There are many service providers can you unlock your iPhone without ever needing to contact the original provider. We are iPhoneIMEI.net

At iPhoneIMEI.net, we will back 100% money for you if your Orange Austria iPhone is not unlocked. Moreover, the process we do to unlock iPhone is guaranteed legit. Your iPhone IMEI number will be whitelisted in Apple’s database (Official unlock and 100% legit) and your device will never be locked again in future. Above all, you can synchronize the device with iTunes or upgrade the iOS version without being locked back.

Apart from that, we also offers lifetime for unlock warranty. That means if your device gets locked in future for whatever reasons, we will unlock it for free. Moreover, we do not follow any hacking or jailbreaking tool to unlock the iPhone, which is the best part.

About Orange Austria Carrier:

Orange Austria was an Austrian mobile network operator. It started its business on 26 October 1998 as owner of the third GSM license of the country, and the first provider operating in the GSM 1800 band. Since 2004, Orange (previously known as ONE) successfully applied for a UMTS-License and offers since 2005 also UMTS Services. ONE’s logo was a blue circle. It was rebranded as Orange on 22 September 2008 (Wikipedia)

How to unlock Orange Austria iPhone 11 (Pro/Max), XS, XR, X, 8, 7, 6S, 6 (plus), SE, 5S

Step 1: Make sure your iPhone is locked to Orange Austria. After that you locate your IMEI number by dialing *#06# from your phone app.

Step 2: From this page, you will see the product name (here is Orange Austria carrier), and all information about your carrier. There is a box in the left side, you insert your IMEI number and select your iPhone model.

Step 3: Once you confirmed the IMEI number and the iPhone model selected are correct, click on the "unlock now" button. You will be redirected to the checkout page; here enter your billing information and click "Pay with PayPal".

Step 4: After received your PayPal payment, we will change your order status to "Processing" and submit your IMEI to Orange Austria and whitelist it from Apple activation database. This step will take 1-5 days.

Step 5: Once done, we will send you an email with subject "Congratulations! Your iPhone has been unlocked". When you see that email, just simply connect your iPhone to a Wi-Fi network, and insert any SIM card you want.

If it does not work, go to: Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset network settings, then try reconnecting your iPhone to a Wi-Fi network and insert any SIM card.


Customer Testimonials

Reviewed by Marco Aurélio de Melo

Marco Aurélio de Melo


Trying to do it very times and noop. but now it works. Thank you!
Reviewed by Luis Vargas

Luis Vargas


Es el mejor medio para debloquearlos
Reviewed by Pablo Mino

Pablo Mino


Just great no problems at all! in less than 24 hrs!
Reviewed by Roberto Nunez

Roberto Nunez

excellent service and fast

i recomend iPhoneIMEI.net, because is a really good service and serious persons. You can make business with them
Reviewed by Jessica Lee

Jessica Lee

Wonderful company!

This website is legit! I bought an iPhone from a cellphone distributor, thinking that it was already factory unlocked, so I updated my iPhone to ios6.1. Unfortunately, I was locked out of my phone! I freaked out for a little bit and I found this website with great ratings! They stuck to their promises! My iPhone was permanently unlocked! Thank you so much!
Reviewed by Dan Freedman

Dan Freedman

Works as advertised.

What more to say -- they delivered what they promised.
Reviewed by Hien Le

Hien Le

Quick service, very trustworthy company!

Took a while, only because it was the hourend. Unlocked early morning on Monhour, very pleased!
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